Z Line

Built for touring adventures in the high alpine, the Z Line is our most premium collection, with high-tech features, Polartec NeoShell waterproof and breathable fabrics, Primaloft insulation and supremely lightweight and packable designs.

Lab Coat

The Lab Coat is the king of jackets. Made with Polartec NeoShell, the most burly, breathable, and waterproof fabric on the market.

Compount Pant

The Compound Pant is a tough, durable pant—made with waterproof, breathable Polartec NeoShell fabric—but it’s also surprisingly compressible.

Genius Jacket

The Genius Jacket is a thin, lightweight, three-layer stretch hardshell, made with Polartec NeoShell fabric, that’s stretchy, breathable, and waterproof enough to become your favorite four-season jacket.

IQ Pant

The IQ Pant is magically both light and resilient. It’s made with the lightest Polartec NeoShell fabric available, which offers maximum stretch, breathability, and seriously powerful waterproofing.

Deeper Line

The Deeper Line includes Flylow’s most signature pieces, the versatile, heritage-inspired
mountain utility gear we’ve built our brand on. Go ahead, stay out till last chair.

Albert Jacket

The Albert Jacket is a Primaloft-stuffed waterproof shell that’s breathable and compressible but also properly insulated.

Baker Bibs

A burly, lightweight, 20k/20k waterproof three-layer bib. Made for the worst weather.

Quantum Pro Jacket

The Quantum Pro Jacket has no weaknesses. It has a tough, three-layer exterior fabric that’s burly and waterproof but also breathable and complimented with a high performance Durable Water Repellent.

Chemical Pant

The classic Flylow Pant. 20k/20k waterproof fabric with bomber reinforced knee.

Higgins Coat

The Higgins Coat is your worry-free guarantee. It has a three-layer softshell blended fabric that gives you stretch and movement, loads of underarm venting, and a brushed, fuzzy tricot lining for quiet, moisture-wicking comfort. A stretchy hood covers your helmet and waterproof zippers, a half dozen pockets, and quality seam taping round out the features.

Magnum Pro Pant

Hike. Shred powder. Do backflips. Eat a breakfast burrito. Teach your kid to ski. The lightweight, breathable, three-layer stretchy shell Magnum Pro Pant has calculated stitch lines to better serve you in all types of movement (so go ahead, throw that spread eagle). Cross-flow venting on the inner and outer thighs keeps you cool when the hike heats you up, as does the wildly breathable membrane of this hardshell fabric.

Nomad Line

Flylow’s Nomad Line is all about being true to yourself. Bring style into your look and your riding, whether you’re inside the resort’s rope line or out of it. And because we care, these items look good and still have all the high-tech features to get you through a storm.

Stringfellow Jacket

The Stringfellow Jacket has a tough, two-layer burly fabric that blocks wind and rain and the 14-inch pit zippers and an ultra breathable membrane fight sweat.

Stash Pant

Hunters wear camo. But skiers hunting pow? They wear the Stash Pant. You won’t blend in with the trees. Instead, you’ll stand out from the crowd thanks to a tough new fabric, illuminated colors, and reinforced cuffs.

Handlebar Tech Flannel

This is not your average flannel. No, the Handlebar Tech Flannel eats those thrift-store hipster flannels for breakfast. Made from polyester, it wicks sweat, dries quickly, and regulates your temperature, all while feeling as soft as your favorite cotton version.

Smokejumper Bib

Smokejumpers are the most badass dudes around. They literally jump out of planes into fi res. This bib ski pant is designed with them in mind, if a smokejumper was jumping into a powder fi eld. It’s built for inbounds or out-of-bounds skiing with all the features you need.

W’s Deeper Line

Powder days are a girl’s best friend. The Women’s Deeper Line is designed for out-all-day storm skiing, where waterproofing and durability not only matter, they’re essential.

Daphne Jacket

You don’t always want to lug a heavy down jacket around. Introducing the Daphne Jacket, which has the warmth of an insulated coat but in a waterproof, streamlined, lightweight, packable package.

Foxy Bib

It’s nearly impossible to find a pair of high-quality bib ski pants for women. Or, it was, until the Foxy Bib showed up. Packed with technical features, the Foxy is for girls who want the benefits of a bib (read: no snow down your pants) in a flattering, modern, athletic fit.

Billie Coat

We’re not making any promises, but the Billie Coat might just make you a better skier. Or at least, it’ll help you look the part. This hardshell jacket keeps you warm and dry in a storm and breathes like a sundress on warm days.

Nina Pant

Yes, your butt will look good in these pants. But even more importantly, you’ll be dry on wet chairlifts, ready for backcountry excursions, and thanks to inner and outer thigh vents, you won’t overheat on a hike.

Vixen Coat

Whether you’re bootpacking Highland Bowl or lapping the gondola at Ajax, a little stretch goes a long way. The three-layer fabric on the Vixen Coat moves with you, while a fuzzy lining keeps your temperature just right.

Donna Pant

Like a good yoga pant, the Donna Pant has stretch and versatility. Wear this pant on a hut trip, while teaching your kid to ski, or at a tailgate party in the parking lot. Its resilience won’t let you down.

Betty Down Jacket

The Betty Down is as toasty as a quilted blanket but way easier to travel with. You’ll don this lightweight RTS (responsibly sourced)’ goose down goose down jacket under a shell on freezing days or wear on its own to the coffee shop.

W’s Nomad Line

Style matters, we get that. But you should be able to look good on and off the hill while staying warm and dry. The Women’s Nomad Line offers the best of both worlds.

Sarah Insulated Jacket

A long freeride fi t and a high collar give the Sarah Insulated Jacket a distinct Jackson Hole-meets-New-York-City style. A pancake layer of micropuff insulation offers the perfect amount of warmth and a stretchy exterior fabric lets you dance on tabletops or shred bumps.

Daisy Insulated Pant

For women who always run cold, the Daisy Insulated Pant was made just for you (and for the entire female population of Vermont). It comes with a subtle layer of micropuff insulation wrapped into a waterproof, stretchy, straight-leg pant.

Leanore Jacket

Tackle steeps. Carve groomers. Ride rails. Drink cappuccinos in the lodge. The Leanore Jacket does it all with grace. A two-layer waterproof shell—which is soft and stretchy—ventilates well in warmer temperatures.

Daisy Insulated Pant

For women who always run cold, the Daisy Insulated Pant was made just for you (and for the entire female population of Vermont). It comes with a subtle layer of micropuff insulation wrapped into a waterproof, stretchy, straight-leg pant.